We are Gemma Analytics​

We provide solutions for all your Analytics & Business Intelligence needs.

From data engineering to powerful visualizations, we are your partner to build an efficient, scalable BI infrastructure and enable your company to become a more data driven venture.

Selection of our clients

What our clients say

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“Gemma Analytics helped us to develop a tailored data-driven attribution model over all online and offline channels in order to improve decision-making and to increase ROAS.”
“Gemma Analytics is our partner of choice to build and maintain our BI infrastructure, allowing our tech team to focus on their core mission and enabling me to generate insights across all business functions.”
“At VAI, Gemma Analytics replaced our legacy system and empowered the company to become data-driven with a self-service BI landscape.”

“What gets measured gets managed.”

Peter Drucker

3 Reasons for Gemma Analytics

Why you should partner with us.

“Been there, done that”

We have built many BI infrastructure setups and teams - and we continue to love building them

Best Practices from Day One

We know the latest industry standards as well as what not to do, allowing us to provide independent advice on which practices and tools work best for your specific company stage and needs

We are your partner

From intense, short projects through long-term partnerships: we want to see you succeed

How we help amazing companies

From solving specific requirements to managing the full analytics workflow

Data Warehousing

We help you select and implement your data tech stack, tailored to your needs from SaaS providers to custom-built data pipelines.

Data Modeling

Where Tech means Business: we translate your business logic and combine data from all your tools and data sources into maintainable, well documented data models, allowing company-wide exploration of insights - the basis for building a data-focused organization.

KPI Development

Our customers trust us to develop and measure their most critical performance indicators, acting as sparring and implementation partner to continuously deliver insights.

Strategy & Upskilling

From designing your initial data strategy to building and developing your in-house analytics team, we are your partner to use analytics as a competitive advantage.

You love data and want to work with us?

We hire and develop analytical-minded people who are excited about data challenges. We laugh a lot and a good sense of humour is as important as your SQL skills.